Explain Me

Gentrification, Income Inequality and Donald Trump Baby Turds

November 24, 2017

In this episode of Explain Me William Powhida and Paddy Johnson talk about the 450 million dollar Leonardo Da Vinci of disputed authenticity and the Boyle Heights activists who follow artist Laura Owen's from L.A. to New York to protest her non-profit 365 Mission while she visited The Whitney. Activists believe the presence of her gallery will lead to displacement. Additionally, we discuss the following exhibitions: 

Tiger Strikes Asteroid: Didier William, "We Will Win"

The Museum of Human Achievement (in Austin TX)

Five Miles: Nicholas Cueva, "The People Games Play"

Trestle Projects: Tracing Trajectories/Selections from the Hoggard/Wagner Collection 

Microscope Gallery: Anita Thacher, “Anteroom”

Signal Gallery: Rachel Rossin, "Peak Performance"

Present Company: Myeongsoo Kim and Jessie Rose Vala, "Dusk to Dust" 

Denny Gallery: Future Retrieval, Permenant Spectacle

Derek Eller Gallery: Whiting Tennis


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